Christmas Dessert & Cookie Menu

- Greca is an almond cake, studded with cherries, whole almonds and candied orange peel, baked in a puff pastry shell.

Black Forest Cake
- Two layers of chocolate cake filled with Kirschwasser cream and amarena cherries, topped with a chocolate cream.

Cranberry Chèvre Cheese Cake
- Sweetened cranberry jam swirled into smooth goat cheese custard in a crisp tart shell.

Traditional Panettone/Chocolate Panettone
- A traditional Italian Christmas bread with ground almonds, raisins and candied orange and lemon peel (and bittersweet chocolate).
**We can make a nut-free version on request.

Buche de Noel (Serves 10-12)
- A twist on a French classic; our Buche de Noel is a flourless chocolate sponge cake and meringue buttercream roulade, shaped into a birch branch and decorated with edible woodland garnishes.
**Gluten FREE

Pull-apart Dinner Rolls (6 pack)
-Soft, tender rolls, perfect for dinner.

Cookies (6 pack)
Lebkuchen - Traditional German Christmas cookie made with hazelnuts, almonds and spices.
Hazelnut Halves - A domed cookies, crispy on the edges, but very moist in the middle with cherries and apricot preserves.
Rugelach - Traditional Jewish cookie made with apricot preserves and red currants.
Zucchero Stars - An Italian sugar cookie with a hint of lemon.