At First Glance

Rustica prep-52web

If you've ever peered through the windows of the bakery on the way to our café, you may have noticed baguettes going in and out of the oven. A loader full of dough slides in, comes out empty; steam crowds the windows and the baker. On another deck, baguettes looking golden brown and crisp to the touch exit the oven on a wooden peel. Beyond the racks of cooling bread you'd notice three or four bakers standing across from each other, scaling and shaping dough for this day and the next. Even further still, into the depths unseen is our mixer who is developing doughs, weighing ingredients, and preparing our sourdough cultures for the next morning.

Our days are often long and we start quite early. It is not uncommon to have an early afternoon coffee with friends who are just truly starting their day when mine is momentarily winding down. Our lifecycle follows a different pattern and we typically live between naps. For some, bedtime is 7pm. Other it's nine, and for a few it's pushing 10pm. We arrive at work between midnight and four am, what I'd prefer to call morning rather than night. It makes it easier to understand and pursue my lifecycle with this terminology.

Such as it is, we watch the sun slowly creep up hours after us. Yet it is often the case that the sunrise goes completely unnoticed, and suddenly it is day.

- Klaus