Christmas Desserts!

Rustica Bakery

The holidays are a great time at Rustica Bakery. Our team makes a lovely range of beautiful desserts, cookies, and breads. Check out our Holiday hours, dessert menu and order form below.

Holiday Hours

December 24th 6:30am to 4:00pm December 25th & 26th - CLOSED

Christmas Order Form 2014

Christmas Desserts


Greece is an almond cake, studded with cherries, whole almonds, and candied orange peel and baked in a puff pastry shell. 4" $6 / 6" $18 / 10" $32

Kirschwasser Torte

Light and airy spongecake soaked in a Kirschwasser syrup, layered with almond meringue and Kirschwasser buttercream. 4" $8 / 6" $20 / 10" $40

Black Forest Cake

Two layers of chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream and wild berries. 4" $8 / 6" $20 / 10" $40

Traditional Panettone $24

The traditional Christmas bread from Italy that has a rich, complex texture, with ground almonds, raisins, candied orange and lemon peel. We can make a nut-free version on request.

Chocolate Panettone $24

More of the same delicious dessert bread with ground almonds, candied orange peels and chunks of bittersweet chocolate.

Bûche de Noël $45

Layers of chocolate cake and chocolate cream rolled into the shape of a yule log. Meringue mushrooms adorn the top of this traditional holiday dessert.

Pull-apart Dinner Rolls $3.50

New this year! Soft, tender rolls. Perfect for dinner.

Place your orders by Suturday, December 20th!

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