Easter Dessert Menu

**We are no longer taking Easter dessert orders. All orders are available for pickup from 12pm-8pm on Saturday, April 19. We will be closed on Easter Sunday.**

Rustica Bakery

Easter Desserts

Columba, $24 Traditional Italian Easter bread, made with candied orange peel and almond paste, baked in a dove-shaped mold.

Lemon Buttercream Cake, $8 (4in), $18 (6in), $32 (10in) Three layers of a tender, moist sponge cake, layered with lemon curd on the inside and buttercream on the outside.

Milk Chocolate Crunch Tart, $5.50 (4in), $16 (6in), $28 (10in) A crisp chocolate shell with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and whipped milk chocolate crunchy pearls.

Carrot Cake, $7 (4in), $17 (6in), $34 (10in) A rich, moist, carrot cake layered with the perfect cream cheese frosting that's just sweet enough.

Chocolate Cheesecake, $9 (4in), $22 (6in), $40 (10in) A creamy dark chocolate cheesecake in a chocolate graham cracker crust, topped with thick dark chocolate ganache.

**We will be closed on Easter Sunday**

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