Farewell For Now

Rustica Bakery

A friend asked me recently what I will miss:Stillness before the baking starts, the chocolate aroma of the miche, shaping hundreds of loaves per day, the banter and humor of the day and the sweetness of the Danish as it exits the oven.

Those aspects are some of the little joys of the day but the main splendor is the team and what we accomplish everyday.

The bakers here sacrifice their time and sleep to work at their craft.  They are all serious about what they do but do not take themselves too seriously.  Everyone wants to do well by themselves, the products and each other.

It took me a long time but I now fully realize and trust what a team of dedicated people can achieve.   Their actual job description reads as discipline, creativity, consistency, humor, growth and ability to deal with my ups and downs. I will miss them.