A loaf rarely looks the same as its neighbor. That's the magic of using your hands and sharing your work among like-minded individuals. Although we are always striving for consistency throughout the day and each week, the end result always varies. A loaf may be slightly bulbous, fatter on one end, or skinny and narrow. They have a personality each their own.

There are typically eight hands shaping the same doughs in the morning, using the same shaping techniques, falling into rhythm together. But my hands are large in comparison to my coworker, and often the dough feels so small. I compensate so that my hands don't run into each other when shaping dough. And so my shapes are typically slightly longer.

As we get to know each other, it becomes clearer as to which loaf of bread belongs to which baker. Each loaf is a signature, expressed by our character. Inconsistency means personality.

And as our loaves vary, so do the pastel blues proceeding the new sun.

- Klaus