Baking is repetitious. On a scale such as ours, it is likened to an assembly line. We have a mixer, four people around the bench scaling and shaping dough, and someone at the oven. We make a few thousand baguettes over a week's time, one such bread among a variety. In an interview, Steve (owner/baker/pal) addresses the repetitious nature of baking, stating that every Monday is the same, for example, but the days between all vary. Some days we make Babka, or our Sprouted Rye. A few days we have Brioche or Egg Braid interspersed between our Rustic and Olive dough.


To say every Monday is the same though, is in my mind false. Every Monday we follow the same schedule, bake the same breads and rest easy as it is typically an easy going day. But the results are never the same. We are making something with living organisms and ingredients that are inconsistent by nature. So Monday's routine is always the same, but it never turns out the same. We may have good bakes when the sourdough is active and the dough feels strong. Or maybe we have a bad bake, for the sourdough is sluggish, or the flour isn't taking as much water as expected.

At the least, Mondays are never the same because the pink creases alluding today are a shade brighter than that of last week.

- Klaus