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Travel the world and you may have a hard time finding a baker not passionate about their profession. The hours might be proof enough. Travel the world and you may have a hard time finding a baker not willing to share their passion. In words, in bread, in experience.

I am incredibly fortunate. I can travel to any city and find a baker willing to let me into their bakery, share their bread and knowledge, and let me have a feel for their dough. It is not uncommon for them to invite me into their home, to have dinner, to meet their family. Years ago coming into this profession I had no idea what a supportive community I was entering.

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As bakers, we all have the same goal: bake the best bread and get everybody to eat it. To bake the best bread requires inspiration and support. This happens often at the bakery, but through the internet a baking community has sprouted naturally, feeding off each other. It is a resource for professional and home bakers. I have a bread pen pal in Australia and guidance in California and North Carolina. I see photos of breads and consider how to incorporate them into a daily bread at Rustica or for my personal experimentation.

The view from inside each bakery is different but they all feel a little like home.


Kayd Roy