Greg | Owner

Greg Hoyt is the Owner of Rustica Bakery. Greg is an entrepreneur who has operated, acquired, and sold food and beverage businesses for 18 years. His career began as a barista at Caribou Coffee after receiving a degree in music from San Diego State University. He has been obsessed with the Rustica Baguette since its debut in 2004 and regularly hosts coffee cuppings to connect with customers and share his coffee passion.


Meredith | Partner/Advisor

Meredith Schwarz is responsible for Rustica's growth, financial health of the business and keeping things organized. She’s passionate about bringing joy to Rustica’s customers and strengthening the brand. Prior to joining Rustica, Meredith invested on her own and through Encore Consumer Capital and General Mills. She went to Columbia University and began her career in New York City in investment banking. Her favorite product at Rustica is the Chocolate Pistachio Danish that she enjoys with a Vanilla Latte.

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Jackson | Director of Operations

With a background in Finance, Jackson has spent a decade in the restaurant world. With the bulk of his experience being in the New York City restaurant scene, he is a recent transplant to Minnesota. Jackson is responsible for overall operations of the business, focusing on the growth and development of Rustica as a brand in both Retail and Wholesale markets.


Cody | Production Director

Cody Dobson is the Production Director at Rustica Bakery. He’s responsible for the planning and coordination of all manufacturing processes while also making sure all baked goods are created efficiently and to Rustica’s high-quality standards. Before Rustica, Cody had done everything in the baking industry from creating competitive sugar and chocolate sculptures to working in a five-star restaurant as a Pastry Chef. Cody graduated with the highest honors from Le Cordon Bleu and brings twelve years of baking experience to Rustica. His favorite product is the Beer Bread.


Matt | Director of Production

Matt Regan is the Director of Production at Rustica Bakery. He’s responsible for the planning and coordination of all manufacturing processes of all things dessert, pastry and cookie. His goal is to further Rustica’s already high-quality standards. Matt’s favorite baked good is the Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie.


Leah | Manager

Leah Reist is the store manager at Rustica Bakery. She is responsible for managing the day to day operations of retail and wholesale. Leah studied business at Liberty University and is passionate about high quality baked goods, chocolate, and people. Her favorite product at Rustica is the Flourless Chocolate Cookie.


Jalene | Assistant Manager

Jalene Vegter is the Assistant Manager at Rustica. She ensures that retail is running smoothly and supports the manager. Jalene is passionate about quality customer service as she has been in the service industry for almost 10 years. She loves how local cafes bring communities together. Jalene’s favorite treat at Rustica is the Flourless Chocolate Cookie which pairs well with a Gibraltar.


Libby | Pastry Manager

Libby Bolen is the Pastry Manager at Rustica. She oversees the production of all things pastry, and loves dreaming up new sweet and savory treats. She grew up in a candy store in Duluth and graduated from New York's Fordham University with a degree in History and French Area Studies. She has laminated, shaped and baked off delicate pastries from Strasbourg, France to Los Angeles, California. Her favorite thing at Rustica is the chocolate Bouchon, because she doesn't have to share it with Dexter, her great pyrenees mix.